Don't Date A Dick
A reality-based dating adventure

Hope falls in love with the wrong guys—over and over and over again! She’s been in so many bad relationships, she’s starting to think it’s normal to be with a guy who’s a dick. How can she undo her bad love patterns, let go of her bad experiences with the wrong guys and move on to a relationship in which she is valued, respected, and loved?

From the mind of Charles J. Orlando—relationship expert, acclaimed author, and TV personality—comes a relatable parable for women around the world. Don’t Date A Dick not only showcases how and why women fall for the wrong guys, but also how they can get these types of men out of their lives for good—leaving room not only for the right guy, but also for a better version of themselves.

Written for women of all ages who find themselves involved with men who are serial cheaters, run hot and cold, don't know how to treat others, send mixed messages, or are emotionally-distant. It’s time for these women to get out of their own way, change their destructive patterns, and stop dating dicks.

Early Reviews

Whether you’re single-and-searching or struggling in your current relationship, Hope shows you how to let go of your bad patterns and let go of all the dicks in your life!
— Jenna McCarthy, author of Everything's Relative